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WIS International has long been an industry innovator. In 1998, we recognized that the retail industry was rapidly migrating from financial to item level count processes. To provide more accurate and timely inventories, we were the first to design an integrated terminal for single-handed use as opposed to the hip mounted terminals being used for financial counts. This first of its kind terminal was designed to increase operational efficiency by freeing a hand to more easily expose bar-codes, while visual count verification moved from hip to eye level to improved accuracy.

WISard 750

WISard 750

Introducing our newest single-handed WISard 750 Smart Data Capture terminal.  Its wireless detachable scanner is small and perfectly angled for counting in tight areas. This revolutionary, light weight, ‘palm-of-your-hand’ scanner is a new key to accuracy and efficiency.

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Real-Time Auditing

Real-Time Auditing

At times is it can be difficult to track real-time inventory accuracy with paper reports. The real-time electronic audit capabilities of the WISard 750 Smart Data Capture terminal streamline the inventory count process. Now store management teams have the ability to review inventory counts on demand.

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Always On

Always On™

Today’s fast-paced world creates the need for information to be widely accessible from and available real-time.  That is why we developed Always On.   Always On will help you manage the inventory process real time so you have access to what you need when you need it.

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