60 Years of excellence and counting….

In 2013 WIS International celebrates 60 years of continuous operations. During the course of the last 60 years the business has seen significant change. WIS International has grown from a small regional inventory service to an international service provider with operations across the globe. WIS International’s suite of services has expanded beyond retail inventory counts into space mapping, merchandising and medical inventory management. During that same time, data capture methods have seen significant changes from transcribing voice recorded counts to small handheld terminals with the ability to support reporting with photo capture. Electronic audit terminals provide our customers with real time visibility to count data and a green option that eliminates paper waste.

While we celebrate our history we realize that past accomplishments cannot be relied on for the future. WIS International invests heavily in developing and deploying new technology, operational infrastructure and our people; in order to provide our clients with the highest level of service. WIS International also strives to be a good business partner by providing our clients innovative new ideas, designed to assist them in improving their overall business results.

We are proud of the history and heritage of our business as well as the stability it provides our clients, who rely on our services. No celebration of our past would be complete without thanking our growing list of customers. We appreciate our many loyal clients and will continue to work to maintain your trust during our next 60 years of operations.