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Inventory is a valuable business asset and managing your retail inventory accurately can help you improve customer service, reduce costs, and increase profits. Your employees have more time to address customers’ needs when they don’t have to deal with taking retail inventory. We’ll deliver the on-site support and develop a process with you that’s consistent, repeatable, and reliable. Let your salespeople sell; we’ll take inventory. WIS stands ready to support your ongoing inventory counting needs with full-service and self-service options available for companies in the U.S. and Canada.

Why Choose Us

How Your Business Benefits

Accurate & Reliable

With over 60 years of experience, you can trust that we’ve developed an accurate and reliable process. Our trained staff can provide a more accurate count than in-house inventory—and at a faster pace.

Proven Technology

Utilizing handheld devices, we’ll capture inventory data efficiently and accurately. We’re always searching for ways to improve our existing tools and develop solutions for emerging trends.

All-in-One Solution

From the first item counted to the final inventory report, we’ll execute every part accurately and follow up to ensure satisfaction. Let our highly trained team complete your next inventory count.

Our Retail Inventory Services

Physical Inventory

Complete physical inventory services for retail locations of all types and sizes. It all starts with us listening to you. A successful inventory doesn’t just happen. It takes careful planning, open communications and continuous adjustment. Discovery – an open discussion of your inventory goals and expectations. Process refinement – prepare stores and develop strategy based on your needs. Inventory & accuracy validation – execute devised plan with validation checkpoints. Post-event discussion – open dialog including a service review of our performance. Our goal is to earn your trust and continued patronage through our dedication to you, our customer.

Seasonal Staff Support Services

Retailers expect high demands and high returns for the upcoming seasonal shopping rush. It is crucial to ensure that labor resources are available to maintain optimum store productivity to drive maximum sales. Our Seasonal Staff Support allows retailers to effectively dedicate the right amount of labor during the competitive hiring season.  WIS  is available to supplement any number of store locations with fully trained retail inventory associates.

Partial Inventory

Focused counts on select categories to boost sales, especially during holidays. Your customers can’t buy what they don’t see. We perform physical full-service inventory counting services on seasonal products. The counts are completed before the push, ensuring your stores are properly stocked.

Retail Warehouse Inventory

Ensure your inventory is accurate to ensure you maintain customer satisfaction. WIS provides you with our project management expertise and specialized staff to execute any-sized inventory project at your distribution center to meet your exact specifications.

Retail Supply Chain Audits

Our team of experts help you find issues within your retail supply chain. Audits are customized to your needs and designed to identify the exact causes of the trouble. Data you can trust that is unbiased and with a third party perspective. Improved stock control and maintain proper levels. Decrease shrink and understand where it happens and how to prevent it. Better operational efficiency to find and correct problems​.

How It Works

A successful inventory doesn’t happen by accident. Careful planning, communication, and continuous adjustments are all needed. With each step of the process, our goal of earning your trust and continued patronage is in mind.

Discovery – an open discussion of your inventory goals and expectations
Process refinement – prepare stores and develop a strategy based on your needs
Post-event discussion – open dialog including a service review of our performance
Inventory & accuracy validation – execute devised plan with validation checkpoints
WIS can help with retail inventory management

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