Accurate data on current store configurations is a necessity to effectively perform retail analytics and automate store planning, but often a challenge to capture.  We have combined our large, global workforce with proprietary technology to quickly and efficiently get you the data you need.  Our unique solution provides total access to current store conditions and configurations allowing you plan how to maximize sales and profit per square foot.

Space Mapping

WIS Space Mapping Services

WIS International is able to go into a retail location and accurately place fixture, merchandise, building element information based upon our clients requirements. Our trained team of associates will tailor an approach based upon the needs of the retailer. We provide photographic validation, AutoCAD compatible return files, facility surveys, and can document information that gives additional observations not normally associated with CAD files.


Micro Planing

As a retailer, your strategies are in place, but how is the execution at the store, aisle and shelf level? Do the planograms match the “realogram"? Are the restrooms ADA compliant? WIS International can go into your locations and through our mapping programs provide you an up-to-date snapshot of current conditions in the stores.


Accuracy Audits

Let's face it, nobody likes to be audited. Whether it is for compliance, a remodel project, updating floor plans, or because of an acquisition or a disaster we carefully with define your requirements with you. Audits are efficiently and accurately performed by our experienced associates at your locations throughout the US and Canada.

Space Planning

Micro Planning

Our proprietary solution and expertly trained teams assists retailers with their strategic processes of product placement categorization, departmental adjacencies, fixture layout, promoted space and other factors. Ultimately, effective space planning allows their customers to easily and efficiently locate products and to maximize consistency across their banner.